Hey there, I’m Jack Smith,  a software engineer from Chicago and was confused by my hair loss. I’d like to take this opportunity to kindly welcome to this website.


Just like many people, I’m also a hair loss patient. It has made me feel very embarrassed in front of colleagues and friends at one time. I once tried to cover up my bald head top, but I really suffered a lot during that period. Fortunately, I met a very experienced doctor Peter then. After I followed his instructions with the treatment for a period, combined with my lifestyle adjustments, my alopecia has been improved currently.


Knowing that many people have suffered from the same pain just like me, so I had the idea to build such a site on which it is hoped that I can share with you some knowledge about hair loss and how to better care for your hair. Moreover, I told this idea to Peter. He also stood at the same side with me, and gave me a lot of advice.


I hope that this site can become our platform for the information exchange. If you have any questions in the aspect of hair loss, you can directly contact me at my email: jackinshampoo [AT] outlook.com, or leave a comment in the article below. I will read each question and message carefully and give you the timely reply. I hope this site will be helpful for all of you.