What is the Best Way to Regrow Hair?

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your self-esteem and appearance. While it is a difficult situation, you need to understand the cause in order to be able to deal with this condition. Normally, you expect the elderly to be the only victims of hair loss. However, loss of hair is also attributable to other factors, which include nutrition, state of health and genetics. The lifestyles we lead may also contribute towards our susceptibility to hair loss. Keep in mind that losing your hair is reversible. Below is a guide on the best ways to regrow hair.

Hair transplant

hair transplantMost people have pattern baldness, where hair disappears at the front or top but remains thick at the back of the head. A hair transplant is a medical procedure that only specialists in this can carry out. Before the procedure, your scalp should be very clean and the doctor should provide you with anesthesia. During a transplant, the doctor works on a small piece of the scalp from the area with thick growth. This scalp is the donor party. Delicately, they make small cuts in this area of your head without hair and carefully transfer strands of hair into it. The areas of your head to which these strands of hair go are the recipient parts. After the procedure, your doctors will provide medication for relieving pain on the scalp as it undergoes healing. In the days after the surgery, you must take good care of your head and maintain a high level of cleanliness to avoid infections. Note that at times, you may need more than a single transplant to achieve a lush growth.

Preventing the loss of hair as early as possible

Try to be as natural as possible with your hair. Limit chemical treatments as they make your hair weak and affect growth proteins. If you dye your hair, do it once in two months as more frequent dying weakens it. At times, we apply heat to the hair when styling it. Note that heat is harmful, and can actually burn the follicles permanently. Minimize the use of heat on your scalp and use it only when you have to. When styling, some women pull and tug at their hair, loosening its roots. Some tight hairstyles (for example tight ponytails) will loosen the foundation of your hair. As a precaution, always be gentle with your hair.

Adopt the right habits

A healthy body will give you hair growth that is shiny and lush. Unhealthy hair is far more likely to start wearing thin and falling off than healthy hair. Ensure that your diet has proteins, iron, zinc, biotin, vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids. Another important diet for healthy hair involves the intake of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Apart from food, living right can help you keep your hair. Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking. Eat early, exercise and sleep early. Understand that despite your best efforts, you may still lose your hair due to age or genetics. However, carrying out precautions will see you greatly reduce the chances of loss.


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