Does stress cause hair loss?

stressThe old adage Mom used to say “your making my hair fall out”, might have some truth behind it. Does stress cause hair loss? I think we all know the answer to this. It might not be the direct result of a stessor, however it does plays a great role in the process. The body will cope with stress in all kinds of ways, and your hair is a sign of overall health. Your body has a natural process to deal with something uncomfortable. There are indirect consequences of this coping mechanism. Whether it’s emotional or physical stress, it all has the same results, damage to the body. Most is short term, however the effects of stress on the body over time has been well studied and documented. The result of emotional stress is a little more subtle, it can be immediately noticed in a person’s outward appearance, however the physical symptoms are a little more difficult to notice. The new job, financial problems,and relationship issues can all lead to emotional stress. Physical stress is a lot more appearant in a person’s life. Over working, pregnancy, and sickness will stress the body. The body will tend to let you know when you have stressed it out. Your body will hurt, aches and pains go with that. As a result of both these stressors, we tend not to take as good of care of ourselves as we should. Especially at stressful times, we should be caring for ourselves the most, however that always does not happen. We are tired and stressed from work, we come home, don’t eat or shower and go directly to bed. This puts strain on the body. The body needs fuel and to be kept clean. Your hair is a sign of your overall health. Good Health equals beautiful hair. Does stress cause hair loss? When cancer patients go through chemotherapy the first side effect is hair loss. This is due to the treatment targeting rapidly dividing cells, hair cells divide quickly. I believe it is also in part due to the major stress their body is going through. Stress is something to try to avoid in life, which is easier said than done.

Relieving stress in your life is a matter of creating and participating in healthy relationships. Surround yourself with positive emotions and situations. We all do have control over this. A lot of people think they do not have control of stress, and that creates more stress. Trying to relieve stress in an improper way will create more stress.

Life is to short to spend it with people, places, and things that don’t make us happy and promote positive feelings in us. I know I make it sound easy, well it is easy. Stop and look at your life. If you are an adult, you have control over your own life. If you are with people, or in a situation that tells you, you do not have control over your own life, get out of it. You have one chance in this life to be happy, so do it, go for it. If you can not find a way to change certain stressors in your life then learn and live by the serenity prayer. ” God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. I have found that this prayer can help a lot if you use it and believe in it.

Does stress cause hair loss

Hair is a sign of good health and beauty. We all know the scene, an oil on canvas of a beautiful maiden with flowing locks of equistit hair, or riding bareback on a beautiful black stallion galloping down the beach through the surf long hair trailing behind, or the great story of the Hero Samson and his wife Delilah, Samson could definitely answer the question does stress cause hair loss. So taking care of your hair is important. It has been for a long time. This time in history is unprecedented as far as hair care. Never before has so many options been available to the average person. You no longer have to go to a salon if you don’t want, to get the best hair care products available. Choosing the right shampoo is as important as choosing the right people in your life. Your shampoo should make you happy, feeling refreshed, and most of all beautiful. Again, if your current shampoo doesn’t do this, change it. You have the power and ability to make yourself happy and beautiful.


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