5 reasons for hair loss in teens

hair loss in teensHair loss among adults is considered normal especially with men as we age. However, it is begging to be a problem among the young as well nowadays. For a teen hair loss can be a devastating state of affairs and in this article, we will examine some of the 5 possible causes for this condition, which is reaching alarming proportions. When you have finished reading, you will know the causes and some possible solutions to the problem that causes loss of popularity and self-esteem among the youth of today.

  • Stress. Today the zeal to succeed is an all-driving force with the teens that have Soccer/Tiger moms. Scholastic achievement means entrance to the best schools, which opens the door to high paying jobs and careers.Peer Pressure is another causal factor that contributes to this stress as your teen wants to fit in with his fellow classmates and be popular.This along with having to please parent and teacher’s expectations has raised the stress levels markedly today.
  • Lack of Sleep. Teens are full of energy, vim, and vigor. However, even this seemly inexhaustible store of energy has limits and coupled with stress, long class hours, and trying to have a social life takes its toll.Vitality and with it grades slip, which brings on more stress as they attempt to compensate by studying harder to mollify their parents and try to catch up.
  • Diet. Poor diets have a major effect on your overall well-being. Today kids seem to live on fast food, chips and soft drinks, all of which have been linked to high risk Type II diabetes and obesity, which is now affecting 1 in 3 Americans. These trends are projected to increase even more in the coming years. Sports Drinks such as Red Bull and the like are full of caffeine which gives a quick bursts of energy for a short time, but caffeine used for long periods of time, causes anxiety, adrenal fatigue, increases stress.
  • Overuse of Modern Hair Care Products & Styling. Teenage girls want to look their best and be like their idols. In Japan Charisma girls, are living models of trends that young teenage girls follow and emulate. In American similar trends, follow reality stars like Kim Kardashian, POP singers, and other celebrities.This often results in the overuse of chemical hair treatments to get “The LOOK” that is currently in vogue and this causes undue stress on the hair strands, roots, and follicles which results in breakage, premature aging, and loss of hair.
  • Hormone Changes. During the teenage years, hormones kick in at unpredictable times and the changes that signify the change from child to young adult is often a responsible for loss of hair in teens as well.

With the changes in society’s social and moral values, this is of great concern to parents as the loss of hair can have greater effects now with social media reflects your teen’s every moment recorded in pictures, phone texting, and blogs.

What Can Be done?

kidsThere are many solutions to the above problems listed above. However, it requires you as a parent of a teen to be extra vigilant to catch these problems before they become detrimental to your child’s health.

  • Understand their desire to please you drives them to excel, but do not overdo it.
  • Make sure you teen is balancing study, school, home life, and rest. Sometimes teens need downtime and need to back up a bit and get time to breath.
  • Sleep is one of the most things you can make sure your teen gets in the right amount they need.
  • Cutback on the junk food, sugary soft drinks, and limit the sports drink intake of your teen. Adding vitamins and healthy alternative snacks will help wean them away from all the caffeine hyped-up and dietary empty foods.
  • Watching for signs of hair loss in teens is the first warning signal that there needs to be made in their lifestyles, if you want them to succeed in life both socially, academically, and in life.

You want your teen to have every advantage to help them on their way and a healthy head of hair is just one of the things you can do for them.


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