How to choose herbal shampoo to regrow your hair?

herbal shampoo for hair regrowthFinding the Best Shampoo to Regrow Hair: A Journey to Eradicate Baldness

Many women and men are daily confronted with the sad, but true fact that they are slowly going bald. A full, luxurious head of hair makes you feel youthful and vibrant. Studies have shown that certain herbs naturally help both women and men regrow their hair. These herbs counteract harmful chemicals that attack hair follicles. Topical treatments range from expensive 5 step liquid and supplement combinations to relatively cheap shampoos.

Why is herbal shampoo effective for hair loss?

Herbal shampoos are often chosen as either a part of a total hair growth treatment program or as a standalone product. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that the herbal oils are quickly absorbed into the scalp as you shampoo your hair. Hair follicles are stimulated by the interaction of the herbs on your scalp. Some herbal ingredients actually help revitalize seemingly dead or inactive hair follicles when applied directly to the scalp.

How do I choose the best herbal shampoo for me?

A good herbal shampoo for hair growth will contain herbal oils and other herbs that have been proven to regrow hair. There are a wide variety of herbal shampoos that have these ingredients. You want to specifically look for these ingredients:

  • Niacin-Improves scalp circulation so hair follicles can grow
  • Saw palmetto-Blocks enzyme known to cause hair loss
  • Ketoconazole-Kills fungus that causes dandruff and other scalp conditions
  • Emu oil-Helps with nutrient absorption
  • Caffeine-Increases cell energy in scalp
  • Tea tree oil-Helps keep scalp pores clear
  • Biotin-Known as a water soluble B vitamin, Biotin plays an important role in cell growth
  • Rosemary oil-Natural herb that benefits hair growth

Some herbal shampoos have proprietary ingredients that block DHT, while others use only naturally grown organic substances like olive oil or coconut oil that help soothe an irritated scalp. It is important to remember to follow directions carefully for optimum results. Five or more step hair treatments only work well when you use them in the correct combination. If you don’t want to go through a five step hair treatment, your best bet may be to stick with a standalone herbal shampoo. You want to avoid potentially toxic chemicals, such as:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate and any of the other sulfate “family” of chemicals-foaming agents used in many soaps, shampoos and other hygiene products and can cause redness, irritation and itching with continued use
  • Sodium chlorine(formal name for table salt) primarily used as thickener in combination with sodium lauryl sulfate and causes the scalp to become dry and itchy
  • Polyethylene glycol used as a thickener and actually strips hair of needed moisture
  • Formaldehyde used as a preservative and can affect hormonal balance

The best herbal shampoo for hair growth is the one that cleans your scalp gently and stimulates hair follicles.

What kind of herbal shampoo is right for me?

Everyone has different types of hair loss. Some lose hair at different rates than others. There are also different factors that contribute to hair loss. The type of herbal shampoo you select for your hair will depend on a number of factors such as hormonal changes; dietary changes, stress factors, rate of loss and percentage of hair loss.

If you are just starting to lose your hair, you should consider:

  • Your diet
  • Your stress level
  • What nutrients you are currently getting in your body now

DHT is tied to hormonal changes in your body. Depending on your situation, you may just want to go with a gentle herbal shampoo like Avalon Organics Biotin B-complex Therapy Thickening Shampoo which is sodium lauryl sulfate free. It has ingredients like aloe leaf, saw palmetto and biotin.
Avalon Organic Biotin B-Complex Therapy Thickening Shampoo
If you need more rapid treatment, you may consider using an herbal shampoo that has:

  • Biotin
  • Protein and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and E that promote circulation
  • Completely organic with fruit and vegetable oils

The more organic you can get with your herbal shampoo, the better able you will be able to maintain and grow your own hair.


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