how much hair loss is normal?

how much hair loss is normalWe all lose hair every day, but how much hair loss is normal? Losing about 100 hairs per day is considered normal. That being said, if hair loss is common in your family, you could lose a much larger amount every day. This amount of hair loss could leave you with bald spots or you may notice that the hair located near the top of your skull will thin out. Almost half of everyone will have this or similar hair loss by the time they reach about 50 years old.

Even though hair loss is pretty common, especially in adults, it can be hard to live with since it can change your appearance. Luckily there are not many different ways you can treat it.

Why Do Ordinary People Suffer From Hair Loss?

There are many different reasons why the average person may suffer from hair loss. Here are some of those basic causes:

Stress is a huge factor. Stress brought on by illness, surgery or even a high fever can also cause hair loss.

• Your family history plans a big part in your hair loss. Hair loss is commonly inherited or passed down from one or even possibly both of your parents. In this situation it may be referred to as female or male patterned hair loss.

• Having a poor diet that lacks enough iron or protein can contribute to your hair loss.

• Undiagnosed ailments or diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, both which are thyroid diseases can cause hair loss.

• Most common in children, ringworm on the scalp can lead to losing hair.

• Your age can be a big contributing factor to losing hair. As we age, hair gets thinner and will often times break a lot easier as you age. We also grow less hair, the older we get.

• Various medications and medical procedures such as chemotherapy which is a medication that helps to destroy any cancer cells in the body, will cause hair loss.

• Although tight braids and ponytails are great for keeping your hair out of your face, they also cause damage to your hair, along with blow dryers, curling irons and even hair dye. This damage can result in a greater than normal amount of hair loss.

Preventing Hair Loss

If you are dealing with hair loss that is believed to be caused by stress, poor diet, medications or hair care, there may be steps you can take to prevent it. We’ve made a list below of how to combat some of these things and reduce your hair loss.

• If your hair loss is caused by poor diet, specifically low protein or iron put more red meat into your diet or take vitamin supplements to increase your intake.

• If your hair loss is related to the amount of stress you have, find ways to relieve some of that stress. Consider finding new ways to relax such as a warm bath, reading a good book, starting yoga, going for a walk daily or anything else you do that you enjoy which also lowers your stress level.

• If your issue is related to medications, discuss with your doctor other possible medications that do not have a side effect which causes hair loss.

• Hair care is a big contributing factor when it comes to hair loss, especially in women. Avoid using styling products as much as possible since most contain alcohol which can lead to dry brittle hair. Using curling irons and hair dryers will also cause your hair to be dry and brittle which will lead to hair breakage or hair loss.

• Get healthier! Many times hair loss can be linked to an unhealthy lifestyle such as obesity and smoking. By getting healthier and not smoking you can help prevent hair loss.

What Is Abnormal And When To Seek Medical Advice

Some hair loss daily is normal, it helps make room for new hair. But when is too much hair loss considered abnormal? We’ve made an easy to read list, so you know when it’s time to seek professional help and advice.

• If your hair loss happens suddenly, instead of gradually over time, this is abnormal.

• If you notice your hair is shedding in large quantities, especially after brushing or combing or you notice a substantial change in the thinness of your hair, consult your doctor.

• If the skin on your head shows signs of a rash, becomes scaly or you notice of their conditions that are not typical for you, this may be the cause of your hair loss.

If you are concerned with your hair loss, feel your hair is thinning, not sure how much hair loss is normal or that medication may be causing your hair to fall out, make an appointment with your doctor. You can then discuss various treatment options which may include medicated shampoos, avoiding hair care products and possibly changing your medications. Don’t wait until your hair is gone, call your doctor today to discuss treatment options.


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