How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

how often should you wash your hairWashing your hair is one thing you have done regularly your whole lives without giving it a much thought ever. When you’ve got a question, how often should you wash your hair, there are few things to bear in mind while figuring out the suitable frequency of shampooing for you.

One most important factor to be understood, associated with the frequency of shampooing is about the sebaceous glands and its secretions. These are located beside our hair roots in the skin layer, dermis produce an oily substance known as sebum and this secretion is exactly what moistens your hair and helps to keep it from becoming dry. Channels from these glands lead to the hair follicles and that is how the sebum gets out from the skin and gets onto your scalp. The key thing is that every one of us produces a different quantity of sebum due to unique genetics and hormones.

Effects of frequent Shampooing

Frequent shampooing can dry up your hair excessively and will strip your hair of its natural oils. The downside of washing your hair too often is your hair could turn out to be very dried and dull, losing its natural, pure shine and appeal and may even start to break. In addition, usually whenever you wash your hair you lose some hair, thus doing this too often could make your hair thin out and can result in split and damaged hair.

Effects of not shampooing your hair for too long

Skipping shampooing may stop hair growth. If you go the extreme of not washing your hair for a about a week, the dead hairs will collect in the scalp. The new hair growth can be stimulated only when these dead hairs are out. The scalp draws in and retains more dirt than the skin and not shampooing hair for too long produces mass of pathogens and this is a major problem leading to thinning of hair, drying out, quickly results in several scalp disorders.

Benefits of Organic Shampoo for your hair

Our hair washing routines derive from an unusual method of depleting the hair of their natural oils by shampooing it up with traditional shampoos after which replenishing them using conditioners. Organic shampoo and conditioners can help restore your hair and scalp from years of tough treatment brought on by using traditional shampoos. Obviously, these traditional products are the simplest ones to purchase, and they are less expensive, but when you are looking at what is best for your hair, it’s always the true organic shampoo and conditioner items as they provide enlightening benefits for your hair and scalp that’ll be instantly visible. Organic shampoos carefully infuse your hair follicles with organic minerals and oils, herbal extracts. As it contains all-natural ingredients it is a non-allergenic that makes it ideal all hair kinds which includes very sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Some suggest against frequent shampooing results in overproduction of sebum to make up for its regular removal. Other people say if shampooing is not done for too long it’ll make sebum getting accumulated in the pores and hair follicles and resulting in scalp disorders and hair problems. But if there are positives and negatives to both washing and not washing your hair often, it looks like there exists a balance to be hit and you can bring this balance by deciding on a proper schedule for washing your hair entirely depending your skin type, hair texture, hair styling, workout routine , how quickly your hair gets soiled and your lifestyle.


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