Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss For Men

how to prevent hair loss for menHair loss in men is fairly common. Male hair loss occurs when the hair follicles shrink and produce increasingly finer hair. Finally, they yield no hair at all. This can be caused by a range of factors from genetic predisposition to changes in DNT. Though most men start to lose hair when they touch the middle-age bracket, there are some whom the condition might set in much earlier.

Signs of  Hair Loss in Men

  • Thinning hair. Before the hair starts to fall out, it will first thin and deaden above the brow or on the crown of the head as the hair follicles start to miniaturize and weaken under the influence of DNT. The hair may appear limper than usual and require more work to look its brightest.signs of hari loss
  • Receding hairline. Pull the front of your hair back and closely look at the hairline. If the hairline resembles letter ‘M’ or a pair of horseshoes, then it may be a sign of hair loss. You can also compare your current photo with a few old photos. Pay attention to the hair lines for any signs of recession.
  • Clumps of hair on your brush. When you brush your hair examine the brush closely. It’s normal to have a few hairs on the brush, but if the brush suddenly has more hairs than usual, then this is not good. Check the amount of hair in the drain after every shower. Too much hair on the drain and brush means you’re losing hair.
  • Itching on the scalp. Intense itching on the scalp or on other areas of the body where hair generally grows can be a sign of hair loss. In some cases, individuals may believe they are suffering from or a rush or insect bites. Others notice severe itching if they are under a lot of stress.
  • Pitting in fingernails. This is a common symptom that occurs in severe cases of sudden hair loss in both men and women. While many people often mistake this sign for a vitamin or mineral deficiency, the pitting of nails could be a sign of hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss For Men

1.Adopt a healthy diet

Eat a balanced diet, nutritional deficiencies and eating disorders can lead to hair loss. In addition to vitamin B, which is the most beneficial to hair and growth, a diet high in vitamins A, C and E and rich in magnesium, zinc and selenium helps stop hair loss. Omega 3 fatty acids can also help improve scalp health. Consume green leafy vegetables, alfalfa sprouts and carrots. These foods contain the right amount of nutrients needed for hair growth. Reduce the intake of refined foods and junk foods as they slow down new cell growth.

2.Reduce stress

Excessive emotional stress can also greatly accelerate the process of balding and intensify its effects. Practicing yoga or mediation every day or thrice a week, can help restore hormonal imbalance and boost hair growth. If you have emotional problems, attend counseling sessions. Working through your problems and finding a healthier and more appropriate way of dealing with your problems can stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

Also give your body time to recover after a major physical stressor, such as surgery. Pushing yourself too much after a major illness or surgical procedure only increases likelihood of hair loss. Acute physical stress interferes with normal hair growth, resulting in less growth and shedding.

reduce stress

3.Live a healthy lifestyle

Make sure you sleep for at least eight hours a day. Adequate sleep helps your body recover from all types of stress, which is very important for a healthy hair. Take care of your health and avoid harsh chemicals. Chemical hair treatments, chronic illness, infections and high fevers can contribute to hair loss. Also quit smoking and alcohol.

4.Use organic hair loss shampoo

Organic hair loss shampoos contain natural essential oils’ and other important ingredients used to soother and cleanse your scalp while promoting strong moisturized hair’. Essential oils of rosemary, lavender, thyme and chamomile all have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help in treating scalp conditions such as dandruff. Such scalp conditions can lead to thinning and hair loss. Treating the unhealthy hair with the organic shampoo helps treat scalp problems, and thus the hair loss. Other ingredients like soy protein, panthenol and wheat protein can help strengthen hair shaft making the hair thicker, healthier and stronger.

5.Consult a doctor

If you suspect you may be witnessing signs of hair loss, consult your doctor. A skin biopsy can help reveal if your hair loss natural, temporary or, in fact, the onset of male pattern baldness. Depending on the cause, your doctor will suggest the best treatment.


If you experience hair loss, don’t be embarrassed. Hair loss affects millions of men worldwide. There are many remedies that can help treat this condition. Finding the right solution for your hair loss, and more importantly leading a healthy lifestyle can treat hair loss and prevent future problems. However, do not expect results overnight. Most treatments will take some time before they take full effect. Meanwhile, one of the inexpensive solutions you can try is shaving your hair completely or wearing a nice wig.

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