The need and choice of a portable shampoo bowl

portable shampoo bowlIf you are a health care giver, a salon specialist, a mobile hairstylist or simply a homeowner with a flair for styling hair, then you are aware of the problems encountered when it comes to washing hair directly over a sink. First, the person whose hair you are handling will have to lean back at awkward angles in a bid to ensure that they reach the sink, a position that is very uncomfortable. In addition,you will have to keep worrying that you are going to get their clothes wet, which basically makes it a horrible experience for the both of you. The solution here is a portable shampoo bowl.

Why a shampoo bowl?

Portable shampoo bowls are a great way of ensuring that the water you use for washing goes into a sink without wetting the person undergoing styling. The fact that they are portable is an added advantage because you can lug them around if need be. In addition, they allow for a lot of flexibility because there is no installation involved; if you a dissatisfied with a particular position, you can simply move over the piece to a more comfortable position. In general, it makes this a lot easier for both the stylist and the person whose hair is being washed.

How to choose a portable shampoo bowl

  1. Look at the price

You will need to keep in mind that the cheapest bowls do not always translate into a steal. At Amazon ,you have a range of choices in terms of price, with the most common being anything between $20 and $150.Always look for what is quality and suits your needs rather than what goes for the lowest price.

  1. Adjustability

A great bowl allows for adjustments that suit the specific needs of the client or any other person sitting in that chair. Granted, not all your clients are the same height. Not all of them are comfortable with a fixed position either. You will need to make sure that they do not strain or lean back at uncomfortable angles.

  1. Consider the availability of a drain hose

A Portable shampoo bowl is most flexible if it comes with a drain hose. The best pipes are long enough to reach a tub, a sink or a shower. A long drainpipe also provides flexibility as you can always choose to use the bowl from any side of the room without having to worry about spills.

  1. Make stability a priority

A portable shampoo bowl with five feet is a lot more stable than one with for feet. You need to ensure that it does not move about when you are in the middle of washing as it destabilizes you and makes the client uncomfortable.

  1. Be keen on the size and depth of the bowl

If the space you are working in is adequate, you can go for a large bowl with a deep allowance as this makes washing a lot easier. Smaller sizes are great when you have space constraints.

If you are shopping around for a portable shampoo bowl, a great idea would be to check out the variety available at Amazon and choose whatever suits your circumstances
portable shampoo bowl


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