Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

With the numerous products and technologies that work wonders against hair loss, it’s important to step back and determine what the real reason behind your hair loss is. Determining and dealing with root cause of a problem is the best way to solve it. There are many reasons behind baldness, but recent studies have shown a connection between hair loss and baldness. So how does smoking cause hair loss ? Hdoes smoking cause hair lossere are 6 reasons why smoking may be the cause of your hair loss.

  • Decreased oxygen. The bulb shaped dermal papilla located at the bottom of the hair follicle creates new cells which push upwards forcing older cells higher. When these cells get to the middle of the hair follicle they harden and begin to form a central core which eventually becomes a new hair shaft. The hair follicle is fed by a network of tiny blood vessels which provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients for hair growth. The nicotine in tobacco products is known to constrict blood vessels. Carbon monoxide in the smoke decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This combination decreases the body’s ability to get nutrients to your cells.
  • Constricted blood flow. For hair follicle to function at optimal levels and produce hair growth at normal rates, the cells must receive proper amounts of oxygen, minerals and nutrients. Since smoking cigarette has been shown to negatively affect blood circulation system of the body, it also reduces blood flow through the scalp. This means your hair follicles, just like the rest of your body cells are being deprived the building blocks they need to function properly.
  • Dry scalp. Smoking also dries out the hair by cutting off moisture to the scalp. When the hair is dry, it tends to break and shed.
  • Inhibited hair growth. It is very difficult for new hair cells to be produced in toxic and polluted environment. The body starts to use the many nutrients needed for hair growth to combat the effects of smoking. This leads to hair loss.
  • Aging. Smoking has also been shown to accelerate the aging process and hair loss is one of the symptoms of aging. Smokers already know they are faced with an increased risk of developing grey hair, wrinkles and facial discolorations. Recent studies suggest that premature hair loss can also be added to the list of accelerated aging symptoms seem in smokers.
  • General health. Another reason why smoking may lead to hair loss is based on general health concerns. It’s well known that smoking causes many illnesses, which can impair the functioning of other body systems. When the body is not healthy, the organs don’t function properly. This allows poisons, bacteria, infections and other disease-causing substances to circulate throughout the body. The unwanted substances can further inhibit the hair follicle’s ability to maintain a normal hair growth pattern.

Why You Should Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for us, but have you ever considered how bad it is? Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, a poisonous alkaloid. It also contains substances like acrolein, carbon monoxide, prussic acid, tar and aldehydes. Tobacco contains about 4000 chemicals, which when heated, produce substances that cause irreparable damages to health.

Apart from hair loss, smoking affects lungs and causes cancer. Its harmful effects don’t end there. Cancer and some other severe illnesses like stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases are caused.

Smoking affects your general appearance; it leads to yellow teeth, less glow of your skin, less energy and bad breath. No matter what you think, smoking kills, slowly but surely, and along the way it deteriorates the quality of life. So, if you really want to live a healthier life, a better appearance, more energy and more years to live, it’s time to quit smoking!

Re-growing your Hair

regrow your hairThe most obvious and effective way to regrow your hair is to stop smoking. If you’re having trouble ending this habit, you can consult with your doctor for more advice. Once you have stopped smoking, you can help fight the effect of smoking on hair loss by making positive changes in your life. The changes include:

  • Balanced diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to keep your hair and skin moisturized.
  • Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise increase the heart and this helps boos blood circulation which in turn helps regrow your hair. Strive to get at least 30 minutes aerobic exercise 5 times a week in order to strengthen your heart and blood circulation.
  • Supplements. Add multi-vitamin and minerals like zinc, sulphur, magnesium to your diet. Liquid supplements are better than pills, as they absorb into your system faster, thereby getting the necessary nutrients to your cells.
  • Avoid alcohol. Stay away from alcoholic beverages and get plenty of sleep and rest.
  • Massage. Massage your scalp daily to help blood flow in your scalp and improve circulation. This will stimulate hair growth.

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