Is there a link between vitamin d deficiency and hair loss?

vitamin d deficiency and hair lossVitamin D is the vitamin that comes when the body is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D also is in a few foods that include things like fortified dairy products, eggs, and fish oils. Vitamin D also helps the body to be able to use and metabolize calcium so it is a vitamin that is vital for each person to have. The importance of vitamin D is very high, because when a person has a deficiency in vitamin D they can experience very many severe symptoms. Some of the symptoms of deficiency can include bone fractures, weakness, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, rickets in children, and many people believe that it can also cause serious emotional issues as well. There are also many studies that are being done to see if vitamin D can help the body recover from sickness and or prevent the body from developing other serious illness such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

Apart from that fact many people have found that there may be a connection between vitamin d deficiency and hair loss . In 2011 there was a paper published in “The American Academy Of Dermatolgy” and it showed that they were examining connections between low levels of vitamin D and ferratin which is a protein that binds iron. They show that reduced levels of vitamin D could lead to reduced levels of ferratin which in turn could cause a person to experience hair loss, or they could shed more hair.

In there are many reasons why people can be vitamin D deficient and many people may not even know that they are deficient. There are some people who may be eating vegan diet and they may be void of things such as milk and dairy products. Since milk and dairy products can contain vitamin D this can cause a person to be low on vitamin D. There are other people that may be at a higher risk of having low vitamin D levels such as people who have darker skin since vitamin D is the vitamin that comes directly from the sun, if a person has more melanin in the skin it is more difficult for the vitamin D to get into their system. For that reason they need to be spending more time outside. Since vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, a person should expose their skin to direct sunlight without wearing any sunscreen. The darker a person skin, the more time that they need to be able to be exposed to the sunlight.

For some people it may seem difficult be able to get enough vitamin D in their diet or from the sun. The good thing is that there are different ways that a person can get vitamin D in their system. The main thing that a person can do in order to get enough vitamin D is to take vitamin D supplements. They should take a minimum of 600 IUs per day and 800 IUs if their person is over 71 years old. Also a person can eat more things like salmon, fortified milk, and orange juice. These things can help them increase the amount of vitamin D that they have in their diets.

Vitamin D is really an essential vitamin for the human body. There are numerous studies that show that vitamin D may do a lot more than just help a person’s bones, but there can be a connection between vitamin d deficiency and hair loss. Since that is the case, a person does well to investigate vitamin D deficiency if they find themselves with hair loss, tiredness, or if they are suffering from any serious illness.


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